Checkmark for Structural Engineering Consultant

Numbers you can rely on.

  • 1,000s of structures designed
  • 90% of clients are repeat or referral
  • 50 years in business
  • 50 state engineering seals
  • 50% of PEs with >20 years’ experience
  • 1 focus, our clients

“As a design-build contractor, we only partner with engineering firms that are creative in their approach and responsive to our tight deadlines. Bennett & Pless consistently meet our needs and have demonstrated that they have the depth of structural expertise and the right attitude necessary to do so.”

Patrick Valent, Director, Betacom

  • Hyatt Regency – Curacao
  • Atlanta Financial Center – Atlanta, GA
  • UTC Library – Chattanooga, TN
  • Charlie Norwood VA Hospital

Building Structures. Multi-industry expertise.

With our substantial experience designing commercial, healthcare, educational, hospitality, high-rise residential, parking and other building structures, you can be confident that the structural design will be optimally adapted to the building’s use.  With this breadth of experience comes an intimate knowledge of all building materials, structural systems and construction techniques that results in pragmatic building designs being developed to suit project-specific needs.

Maximum benefit is derived on projects involving existing buildings, whether they are renovations, adaptive re-use or structural assessments, where the firm’s breadth of experience and depth of knowledge can make these more constrained projects a cost-effective reality.

“10 years ago, we began to work with Bennett & Pless on nearly all our projects and have found Bennett & Pless’ customer service and availability to be excellent. They are enjoyable to work with, responsive and consistently provide value to us and our clients. Bennett & Pless is just that kind of firm.”

Bob Franklin, President, Franklin Architects

Industrial Facilities.  The depth of experience needed.

Industrial Engineering, Sign and Billboard Engineer Examples

Industrial facilities are continually subject to moves, adds and changes.  Making existing facilities work without structural upgrades requires experience and knowledge to develop simple solutions for handling these modified loads and for producing designs that do not impact ongoing operations.  Over our past 50 years in business, you can be sure we’ve seen your challenge before and can effectively address it.  By having stamps in most states, Bennett & Pless is also able to service our industrial clients that often operate across the country.  One particular area of expertise developed over the past 35 years is billboard sign structures where our library of 1,000s of signs and experience in conversion to digital billboards allows us to develop means to quickly get our clients up and running anywhere in the U.S.

“Bennett and Pless is the only engineering stamp that I will accept on my drawings. They are uniquely qualified and experienced when designing billboards – the core of our business. That experience results in faster approval, cost savings and swift problem solving in and out of the field. ”

David Fontanarosa, President, Fontanarosa Media Group

Tower Engineer for Wireless InfrastructureWireless Infrastructure. The speed and knowledge to deliver.

The networks that support today’s wireless technology are critical to the wireless industry, including the towers, rooftops and other antenna supporting structures that are part of this infrastructure.  Wireless carriers and tower owners require structural engineers specialized in these structures, with particular emphasis on speed and creative solutions to get sites on air.

Bennett & Pless have been involved in wireless infrastructure for more than 25 years, from the early years of performing 100s of rooftop structurals for VSAT dishes through the analog cellular years to current digital technology.  We have the capacity, systems and national coverage to quickly turnaround tower analyses and reinforcement designs. We are particularly effective at rooftop sites as we can fully leverage our buildings expertise.

“Rooftop know-how. That’s what stands out with Bennett & Pless. GTP’s rooftop wireless business requires the level of outside-the-box thinking and deep knowledge of building structures that Bennett & Pless have demonstrated time and time again on our rooftop projects. Bottom line…we can count on them to deliver every time.”

Michael Belski, Sr. Vice President, Vertical Bridge

Structural Engineering ConsultantConsulting Services. Fully leveraging our expertise.

All structural problems are not created equal.  Some require more sophisticated knowledge – whether that is familiarity with historic building codes, scientific insight into material behavior, theoretical understanding of structural failure mechanisms or some other greater expertise.  Your structural firm not only needs this depth of experience, but so does the specific structural engineer solving your unique problem.  Because over half of our Professional Engineers have more than 20 years of structural engineering know-how, these are situations where Bennett & Pless’ capabilities are best leveraged.  We have the deep knowledge and practical mindset to solve your most complex problems.

“Bennett & Pless have always been timely and professional with their work product. One contributing factor for this is the communication they have with the companies they work with. They are very responsive and correspond in a clear and concise manner. Their approach is straightforward and their staff is both experienced and qualified.”

Anthony Masciello, Sr. Project Manager, Epic Response